• Szolnok railway bridge renewal

  • Szamos-Kraszna area flood-level reducing reservoir

  • Structural and monumental reconstruction of Margaret Bridge


Our Company

With 90 years of experience at the forefront of the construction market, KÖZGÉP Company is one of the leader steel structure producers in Hungary.

The production capacity of the company for steel structures is more than 10.000 t/year.

KÖZGÉP employs highly qualified craftsmen and engineers.

KÖZGÉP Company meets the requirements of the national and international quality standards regulating its activities.

KÖZGÉP has a competent and dedicated team with extensive experience in cooperating with other companies on significant infrastructure projects.

The Company has a proven ability to work as a stabile and reliable partner as manufacturer, main contractor, sub-contractor, consortium leader, consortium member etc.

The activities of the company are not only recognized by the well-known European partners, but with several national and international awards as well